COVID-19 Update



All Services and Events Cancelled

Our leadership team met once again this week to discuss our ongoing response to COVID-19.

Based on the ongoing circumstances, the church closure has been extended until the end of April. As before, this means that all ministries, events, mid-week activities, rental bookings, and in-person services at FBC Waterloo are cancelled, in an effort to protect the most vulnerable in our congregation and community.

The church building is also closed for at least the next two weeks and all pastors & staff will be working from home, in response to the Ontario government's closure order. If you need to contact the church during this time, please call the office at (519) 886-6530 and follow the instructions provided to contact Jenn Zehr, our office administrator.

Our leadership team is keeping a close eye on the situation as it continues to develop, and will meet once again near the end of April to reassess the situation and decide how to proceed.

Sunday Morning Service Stream/Broadcast

Here is the current schedule for the live stream and radio broadcast over the next few weeks:

  • While the church is closed, we will be providing a live video and audio stream of our full morning service on our website and social media channels, as well as a live audio broadcast over the radio. The church will be closed and only those essential to the live stream/broadcast will be allowed entry into the building.

Planned Events

  • All planned events are cancelled/postponed. This includes our Prophecy Conference.
  • Please reach out to event coordinators for further details.


  • Many of our ministry coordinators have planned online gatherings for their groups over Zoom and/or Facebook.
  • Be sure to connect with your ministry coordinator to learn what options are available during this closure.

Weekly Giving/Offerings

  • Weekly giving/offerings can be done through e-transfer to our address. For full details, visit the Give page.

Assistance Available for Seniors/Shut-Ins

Our Caring Committee is available for those who are at-risk, including our seniors and shut-ins, for assistance with things like getting groceries or running needed errands during this time. Please contact the church office if you need assistance.

Further Updates

We are taking communication seriously during this time, and will ensure that all updates to the situation are shared in a timely manner on our website, and across our social media channels.